My goal as a teacher and mentor is to help students develop a tangible understanding of social-scientific concepts such as inequality, freedom, poverty, diversity, and justice, so that they are ready to engage with everyday complexities of the socio-political world. In my research I strive to concretize snippets of everyday life by placing them in a comparative and historical context, thereby connecting them to macro structures. The same ideal inspires my learning objectives for students. I design courses so that students learn to observe the historical context behind social phenomena; transcend place-specific perceptions by thinking globally; and develop writing skills that translate these insights into vivid and convincing analyses of their subject of study.


With this general outlook, I have designed the following advanced seminars:

  • War, Revolution, and Society in the Middle East

  • Social Theory and the Global South

  • Cultural Sociology of Informal Politics

I am prepared to teach general courses as well, including the following:

  • History of Political Institutions in Modern Iran

  • Contemporary Middle East Politics

  • Comparative-historical Research Methods

  • Qualitative Research Methods

  • Classics of Social and Political Thought (taught at the University of Chicago, Spring 2017), Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory